A Guide To Marble Counter Tops

Counter tops are horizontal surfaces which are common in kitchens and bathrooms. In kitchens they help you out in the cutting of vegetables,A Guide To Marble Counter Tops Articles handling dough and get things ready for being cooked. These counter tops come in many sizes and many different materials. There many different materials used in counter tops for both kitchen and bathrooms but marble counter tops are considered as the top of the line and an elegant option. Marble in your house is always considered as a status symbol and marble countertops perform in an excellent way, once you install them you won’t install any other countertop. The purchase and installation of marble counter tops is one thing but before that you should know the benefits and the drawbacks involved in this action. Here are a few instructions which will help you to decide whether marble counter tops are right for your house or not.

Marble Kitchen Counters: Despite the fact that sister-stone and granite counter tops are also very popular, marble kitchen counters still are taken as the most luxurious. When it comes to the performance both marble and granite perform excellent and haven’t got much of a difference. The main difference between granite and marble is the appearance. Both stones have a great variety which mainly depends on where they are taken from, and it depends on your personal countertop installation taste and likings that which one do you think would better fit your house. Both of these stones are porous in nature and are required to be sealed before being put to use. The sealing of the stone ismostly important for kitchen spaces, as the likelihood of spilling a juice, any form of liquid or anything which might leave a stain is there. Marble kitchen counters are not so cheap and definitely not advisable for people with a low budget. Installing marble over all the counters in your kitchen is a very expensive thing to do. That is why many house owners install it just to give a highlight to a place i.e.Install is on only the top of the kitchen counter or the wet bar. In this way you don’t have to spend a lot of money and you still enjoy the perks of a marble counter.

Marble Bathroom counter: although the bathroom counters are not the center of attraction like the kitchen tops but marble bathroom counters are still an excellent artist. Since bathroom counter space is smaller than that of a kitchen counter, marble bathroom counters are also less expensive than the kitchen ones.Moreover, the types of spills which one can see in a bathroom like water, soap, etc. are normally less likely to cause any stains permanently, and if the stone is properly sealed then you don’t need to worry a thing. But be careful in installing marble bathroom counter in a house which hasn’t got a lot of top of the line materials. In thisyour bathroom may look more elegant, but the rest of the house would start looking less attractive.

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